DermDX® New England is a full service dermatopathology laboratory offering expert skin biopsy interpretation, clinicopathologic correlation, and consultation. We offer a wide range of conventional and immunohistochemical stains, and we have the expertise to provide immunofluorescence and immunophenotyping services. The outstanding quality of our histology services enable our pathologists to provide accurate diagnoses with a high degree of confidence.

Our Dermatopathology expertise:

• Board-certified, fellowshipped-trained dermatopatholgists More Information
• Accurate, clear, and prompt diagnoses framed in the language of clinical dermatology.
• Photomicrographs on select cases.
• Clinico-pathologic correlation for optimal interpretation
• Routine review of all malignant melanomas, unusual malignant neoplasms, and difficult inflammatory conditions by a minimum of two dermatopathologists.
• Diagnostic consultations on slides prepared by outside laboratories.

Comprehensive test menu:

• Routine H&E staining of skin biopsy specimens
• Comprehensive menu of immunohistochemical and special stains
• Slow/modified Mohs
• Immunophenotyping
• Facilitation of molecular diagnostic studies

Exceptional customer service:

• Access to dermatopathologists for personal consultations
• 24-to-48 hour turnaround times on routine biopsies
• Immediate telephonic notification to referring physicians on all critical results
• Customized reports with Clinico-pathologic correlation for optimal interpretation
• Consultation and report on referred material
• Telephone consultation with pathologists on difficult cases
• Courtesy pick-up service via one of our in-house couriers locally or FedEx, UPS, or private courier services out-of-town.
• Courteous and professional service with live client services; no automated test menus
• In-house billing and insurance filing. More Information
• Participation in most major insurance plans. More Information

Educational services:

• Educational programs for physicians and residents